A Client Disappeared with $2000: Dealing with Untrustworthy Business Partners

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One of our clients, a legal entity, approached us seeking assistance in resolving a dispute. The company had entered into a contract with another legal entity, their client, for the provision of services, with an upfront payment of 50%. After successfully completing the work, the customer ceased communication, failing to pay the rest 50% – 35 million IDR or $2200.

What We Did

Our legal team conducted a thorough analysis of the contract and documentation to understand the legal aspects of the dispute. Based on the gathered data, we drafted a formal claim, clearly outlining our rights and demands.

The claim was sent to the respondent not only by regular mail but also through messaging apps, where communication between the parties took place, to ensure maximum accessibility and attention to our request. The respondent failed to respond, apparently thinking that the situation was not serious and would have no consequences.

After receiving no response to the initial claim, our lawyers prepared and sent a second notice, demonstrating our determination to seek justice in court.


The respondent got in touch and expressed willingness to settle the dispute. The parties reached an agreement to pay the remaining 50% of the amount without filing a lawsuit, and the client received the promised payment of 35 million rupiahs.

If you find yourself in a legal dispute situation in Indonesia and need protection of your interests, feel free to reach out to us.

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