Vietnam visa

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Vietnam presents a captivating fusion of stunning natural landscapes, dynamic megacities, historic temples, and contemporary architectural marvels. Here, ancestral culture, monarchy, and socialism converge, resulting in a unique and captivating blend of traditions and ideologies.

Beyond its allure as a beach destination, Vietnam also presents an appealing option for winter retreats and even permanent residency, making it a compelling alternative to Bali.

With the convenience of electronic visas available from anywhere in the world, there’s no need for consulate visits, which considerably simplifies the application process.

Vietnam Visa Application Requirements

  • A photographed copy of the information page of your passport;
  • Recent photo in any digital format for each applicant;
  • Completed questionnaire (see below)


  1. Your permanent residence address;
  2. Your phone number;
  3. Emergency contact details (name and phone number);
  4. Name of your employer, your position in the organization, address and phone number of your place of work;
  5. Name and address of your accommodation in Vietnam;
  6. Date of entry and exit;
  7. Port of your arrival and departure;
  8. Have you visited Vietnam in the last 10 years?

Visa Cost for Vietnam

The cost of a single-entry eVisa for 90 days is $50 (approximately 800,000 IDR). 

The cost of a multiple-entry eVisa for 90 days is $76 (approximately 1,200,000 IDR).

Visa processing time is up to 5 working days.