KITAS work visa (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, KITAS)

If you are going to work or earn income in Indonesia, you need to get a work visa. KITAS work visa allows foreign citizens to work officially in Indonesia.
Without this permit, you are not allowed to work and earn money in Indonesia.

A work visa is issued for a specific position in a particular company, so it is not possible to get a work permit before getting employment. You are not allowed to work for multiple companies or in different positions at the same time. Also, many vacancies are completely closed to foreigners.

A work permit can be issued for different periods, can be extended or not. It depends on various factors. The validity period is 6 or 12 months.
This permit is valid for the same period as a multiple-entry visa.
You can leave the country and return as many times as you need. KITAS will not be canceled.

In some cases, you can apply for a 5-year work visa, which is renewed annually. At the moment, this 5-year KITAS can only be obtained in the following situation:

  • You are a Director of a PMA type company in Indonesia.
  • You are a qualified professional with higher education and a minimum of 5 years of experience in the same field as the one you will work in on the territory of Indonesia.

How to obtain a work visa in Indonesia

The procedure for obtaining KITAS type 312 work visa comprises 3 stages, which will take about 2 months in total.

Obtaining a work permit and an electronic visa (E-Visa)

We will prepare all the documents and get you a work permit
and an electronic visa (E-visa)

Documents required from the applicant

  • The passport valid for at least 18 months from presumed entry to Indonesia;
  • Copy of the passport cover and the first page of the passport;
  • Color scan of the workbook;
  • Color scan of insurance (minimum validity period is 1 month);
  • Color scan of the diploma, bachelor’s certificate in English (it needs to be legalized);
  • Scan of recommendation letters for at least 5 years or a certificate of a specialist confirming work in the specialty;
  • CV (Curriculum vitae);
  • Proof of residence in Indonesia (Surat Domisili);
  • State fee of 1200 US dollars for 12 months and 600 US dollars for 6 months; payment is made through the bank billing system;
  • Consular fee payment of USD 150 processed through the billing system.

Documents of the sponsor company

  • Color copies of AKTA, SK Menteri, Izin Usaha, NIB, NPWP, SKTU Company;
  • Color copy of the Director’s ID card;
  • Color photo of the applicant on a red background;
  • Color copy of NPWP;
  • Bank statement of the sponsor’s company (the name of the sponsor must be indicated there);
  • Blank company letterhead (including email address, physical registration address, phone number).

Detailed information about the foreign applicant:

  • Residence address outside of Indonesia;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Address in Bali;
  • Specialty, profession, occupation.

Extension and closure of working KITAS type 312

The extension procedure must start no later than 2 months before the visa expires.

The required documents are the same as for the first issue.

If you have KITAS for 6 months,
you must leave the country within these 6 months.
If you had a vacation during this period, there may be exceptions.

If you have received a KITAS for 1 year, you must apply for the closure of this KITAS before you leave the country.


Multi-KITAS work permit, registration of all documents — IDR 12.000.000.

State tax — USD 1.200 for 12 months or USD 600 for 6 months.

The consular fee is USD 150.

It is possible to speed up the registration process.

Extension for a new term — IDR 8.000.000.