Multi-entry offshore visa (D12)

The multiple-entry Offshore eVisa D12 is suitable for those who plan to travel to Indonesia throughout the year. 

You can fly out of the country and return an unlimited number of times, a new 180-day period will be counted each time from the date of entry.

Length of stay on a visa

The visa is issued for 1 year and starts from the date of exit and the 180-day period is counted from the date of arrival. You can stay on this visa for 180 days at a time.

Please note that the visa can be extended if you have more than 180 days until the expiration date.

The cost of obtaining a visa for 1 year

Minimal package – 7 000 000 IDR (≈445 USD), processing time 7-10 working days

Regular package – 9 000 000 IDR (≈ 570 USD), processing time 3-4 business days

The cost of obtaining a visa for 2 years 

Minimal package 10,500,000 IDR (≈ 665 USD), the processing time is 7-10 working days

Regular package – 13,000,000 IDR (≈ 820 USD), processing time 3-4 working days

Visa requirements

You can apply for a visa while outside Indonesia, and it will become valid upon your entry into the country.

The following documents are required to apply for a visa:

  • Passport photo (must be at least 18 months before the passport expires)

  • Personal photo

  • Bank statement in English for the last three months with a minimum current balance of $5000 or equivalent.

  • Invitation/official letter from government authorities or local company confirming cooperation with the applicant (*can be provided by our company*).

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