Second Home Visa

Second Home Visa

Second Home Visa – is a temporary residence permit. This visa gives you the right to stay in Indonesia for 5 to 10 years, without the right to work. It is issued for 5 years with the possibility of extension for another 5 years.

Primary requirements:

To apply for this visa, you need to have an account in the Indonesian (state) bank 2 billion rupees or real estate worth 5 billion rupees with the right to use (Hak Pakai).

During the period of validity of the visa, you can use the money in the account, but Immigration may at any time require re-confirmation of the availability of the required amount in the account. In the event that you are unable to deposit the required amount into the account, the visa (AND the Visa of family members) may be cancelled.

The property must be with the right to use (Hak Pakai).

Documents required for obtaining a visa:

  1. Passport valid for at least 36 months
  2. Bank statement in English with min. a balance of 2 billion rupiah + a signed written statement that the applicant undertakes to provide evidence of the availability of funds in the Indonesian state. bank (BNI, Mandiri) with a minimum balance of Rs 2 billion
  3. Or proof of ownership of real estate in the status of Hak Pakai, worth at least 5 billion rupees
  4. Photo 4x6cm on a white background;
  5. Personal data (upon request)

Flying into Indonesia

Upon arrival, you must go through passport control through a special ITAS section, where the client will be photographed and given a ready-made ITAS of the Second Home. Airport Immigration will stamp your passport stating that you must provide proof of funds/property within 90 days.

Within 90 days of the issuance of the ITAS, you must provide immigration with evidence of compliance with the conditions for the issuance of the Second Home ITAS in the form of:


  • statements from the Indonesian State Bank (BNI, Mandiri) in the amount of at least 2 billion rupiah or equivalent in another currency. 
  • proof of ownership of real estate in the form of a Hak Pakai agreement worth at least 5 billion rupees

Visa cost and processing time:

The cost of registration is 45,000,000 rupees (For the entire visa for 5 years at once, at the moment it is not required to pay separately for each entry on a visa).

After payment and submission of all documents, the visa will be prepared within 7-10 working days.

Entering family members – 40,000,000 rupees per person.