Multi-entry visa D1, D2


The eVisas D1 and D2 Multiple Entry Offshore is suitable for those planning trips to Indonesia throughout the year.
During the validity of the visa, you can leave Indonesia and return an unlimited number of times, 60 days are counted each time you enter the country.

Length of stay on a visa:

Visas D1 and D2 is issued for 1 year and can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days at a time, after which you must leave the country (you can return at any time).

Visa requirements:

You can apply for a visa while outside Indonesia, and it will begin to apply upon entry into the country.

The following documents are required to apply for a visa:

— a photograph of a passport with an expiration date of at least 18 months and having 4 blank pages (color photo, full spread of the passport with basic data, not cut off at the edges and without fingers).

– your color photo, preferably on a red or blue background, or on a light one (you can take a selfie: a straight face into the camera).

Registration cost:

5,000,000 IDR (~320 USD), processing time 7-10 business days

6,500,000 IDR (~415 USD), processing time 3-5 business days

The price includes:

1. Providing sponsorship from our company

2. Visa fee

3. Obtaining an electronic visa eVisa

Extension of a visa:

The visa can be extended 2 times for 60 days, after which you must fly out of the country. You can return back using the same visa. You can stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days without flying out.

When to start the process

You need to start the process 14 working days before your current visa expires. At least 10 working days before the deadline, we must have your passport in our possession.

What documents are required?

Your passport with entry stamp is required for all extensions.


❗️ If your passport or entry stamp is damaged (torn, wet, etc.), the immigration office may not accept your passport for renewal.

We are not responsible for a successful renewal in this case.

What you need to start the process

To extend your visa on arrival, you will need to fill out an application form, a link to which we will send you. Be sure to attach a photo of your passport and a photo of your passport entry stamp to the form.

Extensions cost
  • 2 600 000 IDR  – if you contact us at least 6 working days before your visa expires.
  • 3 100 000 – 4 800 000 IDR – for China, Afghanistan, Israel, Cameroon, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Siria, Pakistan, Libya
  • 3 100 000 IDR – If you applied to us less than 6 working  days before the end of the visa
  • 3 600 000 IDR – If your passport is valid for 6 months or less
How long the passport will be in our possession

On average, when you renew, you give your passport 2 weeks. 


If I want to process the extension faster 


An expedited process is available. When expediting, we will be guided by your timeline. While the normal process can take about two to three weeks, the expedited process will take 3 to 7 business days. It will all depend on what stage of the renewal process you apply for acceleration.


Fingerprinting and facial biometrics are compulsory.


Usually the invitation to undergo biometrics comes the day before your visa expires. Sometimes it may come later, but this is normal. We will send the invitation in advance to one of the two Immigration Offices:


Address of the Immigration Office Ngurah Rai 

Address of the Immigration Office Denpasar


You can choose a convenient Immigration Office when you hand over your passport to us, just email us. It will not be possible to change Immigration Office if we submit the documents. 


The invitation for biometrics will have detailed instructions about the biometrics.

Features of the D1 and D2 visa:

The visa is ideal for those who travel a lot during the year and do not plan a long stay in Indonesia. Keep in mind that with frequent visits throughout the year, the border officer may ask why you are flying out for a short stay, because for a long stay inside the country there are other options for long-term visas.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it possible to extend a D1 or D2 visa?

Currently, Immigration Indonesia allows you to extend this visa twice for 60 days at a time. But at any moment Immigration can remove this opportunity.

Is it possible to fly out for 1 day and return directly to the country throughout the year?

Yes, but this may raise questions from the border officer as the visa is aimed at those planning short trips to the country. For a long stay, it is better to apply for a b211 visa.

After the end of the year, is this visa extended or is a new one issued?

At the moment it is impossible to say for sure, since the product is new. Information will be available a little later.

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