KITAS retirement Visa

KITAP retirement Visa

Bali is one of the most pleasant and comfortable places to stay. A good tropical climate, beautiful nature, a fairly high level of medical care and, of course, the hospitality of the locals. What else do you need for a carefree life in retirement?

Good news! Indonesian legislation provides for a special type of visa for the elderly – the Retirement Visa.

The Kitas retirement visa is issued to persons who have reached the age of 60. In fact, this visa is a temporary residence permit in Indonesia. A retirement visa is issued for 1 year with a possible annual extension of up to five years. After 5 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

If one of the spouses has not reached the age of 60, it is possible to apply for a dependent retirement visa for him, if he has an official marriage certificate. Also, a dependent retirement visa can be issued for children (under 18 years old) of the applicant.

What is a pension kitas

A pension kitas is issued to persons who have reached the age of 60. It is possible to become a sponsor for issuing other types of kitas for a spouse/child under the age of 18, if there is a marriage certificate.

Terms of registration

The term for issuing an onshore pension kitas is about 1 month.


Obtaining a kitas offshore consists of two stages


  1. It takes 7-10 working days to get an e-visa to enter Indonesia
  2. The delivery of biometrics after entry and the receipt of a kitas is approximately 3 weeks.

The cost of obtaining a pension kitas is 16 million per person for 1 year

Payment Methods


— bank card
— in cash at the office in Bali
— in cash through Alfamart
— in cash to a courier in Bali

Documents required from the applicant:
  1. passport (until the expiration date must be at least 18 months);
  2. marriage or divorce certificate;
  3. address in Bali + 1 year rental agreement in Bali (from rent per month not less than 500 USD);
  4. a copy of the landlord’s ID;
  5. copies of the ID of 2 Balinese (for contacts);
  6. copy of medical insurance min. for 1 month;
  7. bank statement with a minimum balance of $1500;
  8. photo.
What are the visa fees
All visa fees are included in the kitas price.