Business Visa for Single Entry (B211)

Single entry BUSINESS E-VISA for visiting Indonesia.

This visa is issued for the purpose of business negotiations. It is issued without visiting the Consulate or providing additional business documents. You will be sponsored by our company. We will also take care of processing a full set of documents for obtaining an electronic visa (E-visa).

Important information

  • The visa is valid for 60 days from the entry date, with the possibility of extension twice for 60 days each.

  • The cost of preparing documents for a visa depends on the urgency of obtaining the visa;

  • Children are subject to the same conditions as adults when obtaining a visa;

  • This visa is for single entry, so it will be invalidated upon departure from Indonesia.

❗️ To extend this visa, you will need to provide a boarding pass and/or a plane ticket for your flight to Indonesia.

Documents for visa processing

  • A photo of the main page of the passport, valid for at least 6 months at the time of submission of documents – a page with a photo and name;

  • Your color photo as in the passport, preferably on a red or blue background.

Cost of services

Minimal package - 4 600 000 IDR - 320$ (including taxes and fees) 7-10 working days

  • providing sponsorship from the company;

  • company’s letter of guarantee;

  • eVisa;

  • preparation and submission of all necessary documents and references.

Regular package - 5 100 000 IDR - 355$ (including taxes and fees) 3-5 working days

  • providing sponsorship from the company;

  • company’s letter of guarantee;

  • eVisa;

  • preparation and submission of all necessary documents and references.

Children of any age are processed under the same conditions as adults. Children must have a passport. The cost of visa processing is to be clarified with our managers.

Visa extension

When to start the process

You need to start the process 14 working days before your current visa expires. At least 10 working days before the deadline, we must have your passport in our possession.

❗️ To extend this visa, you will need to provide a boarding pass and/or a plane ticket for your flight to Indonesia.

What documents are required

Your passport with entry stamp is required for all extensions.

❗️ If your passport or entry stamp is damaged (torn, wet, etc.), the immigration office may not accept your passport for renewal.

We are not responsible for a successful renewal in this case.

What you need to start the process

Please upload a photo of the sticker in your passport (a full spread on two pages with this sticker, without fingers, glare, not cropped), which was placed upon entry, into your personal account in the ENTRY STAMP column (you have a link to your account in the mail, it has arrived in a letter after filling out the visa application form). It is very important!

Extensions cost

2 600 000 IDR  – if you contact us at least 10 working days before your visa expires.

3 100 000 – 4 800 000 IDR – for China, Afghanistan, Israel, Cameroon, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Siria, Pakistan, Libya

3 100 000 IDR – If you applied to us less than 10 working  days before the end of the visa

4 600 000 IDR – If your passport is valid for 6 months or less

How long the passport will be in our possession

On average, when you renew, you give your passport 2 weeks. 

 If I want to process the extension faster 

 An expedited process is available. When expediting, we will be guided by your timeline. While the normal process can take about two to three weeks, the expedited process will take 3 to 7 business days. It will all depend on what stage of the renewal process you apply for acceleration.


Fingerprinting and facial biometrics are compulsory.

 Usually the invitation to undergo biometrics comes the day before your visa expires. Sometimes it may come later, but this is normal. We will send the invitation in advance to one of the two Immigration Offices:

Address of the Immigration Office Ngurah Rai 

Address of the Immigration Office Denpasar

 You can choose a convenient Immigration Office when you hand over your passport to us, just email us. It will not be possible to change Immigration Office if we submit the documents. 

 The invitation for biometrics will have detailed instructions about the biometrics.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a business visa over a tourist visa?

Currently, these visas are no different. Both visas allow you to stay in the country for 180 days. Even if you plan to do Kitas – it will be easier and cheaper to do it with a tourist visa.

Is it possible to open a tourist visa after a business visa?

If your previous visa was a business visa, you can make a new visa a tourist visa without any problems. It is not paid attention to at the border.

What cities are covered by the visa?

The B211 e-visa is issued for arrival in Indonesia. You can fly into any available airport in Indonesia.

Can children under 18 years old get a visa and come on their own?

Yes, but it requires permission from a parent or guardian notarized and translated into English. Also pay attention to the airline requirements.

Is it possible to work on a business visa?

No, a business visa is intended for potential business negotiations. For example, on the topic of investing. Any attempts to earn money are fraught with deportation from the country and a ban on entry.

Why do I need to choose an agency carefully?

If you apply for a visa with an agency, you are assigned a sponsor. Any questions or situations you may have during your stay in Indonesia will be addressed only to your sponsor. It is very difficult, and in most cases impossible, to change your sponsor.

Why shouldn't you take tickets before you get your visa?

Ready visas are issued by Immigration Indonesia, there is a possibility of delays on their part, which are caused by their internal processes that we cannot influence. 

My visa is not out but my tickets are already burning, what to do?

You can get a visa on arrival, and when your b211 visa is ready fly out of the country (cheapest and easiest to Malaysia) and then come back already on a long term visa.

What is an overstay? And what is the responsibility for it?

Overstay is staying on a visa longer than it allows. In Indonesia, this is seriously monitored. You have to pay a fine of 1,000,000 IDR per 1 day for overstay. Overstay up to 60 days is considered minor and is paid at the airport. If the overstay is more than 60 days, then you need to contact an agency to help you fly out of the country, as after 60 days can be punishable not only by a fine, but also criminally.

Why is it better to keep your boarding passes until the extension?

Lately, Immigration has been paying attention to stickers and stamps in your passport. If you don’t have a stay stamp from another country before Indonesia, it can raise questions about how you got into the country. It’s best to be reassured and leave your boarding pass. If you don’t have a boarding pass, you need to contact the airline.

Steps for obtaining a visa

  1. You provide us with your personal information, which is necessary for the signing of the contract and for the obtaining of a visa:

    • Phone number;

    • Email, to which we will send you an electronic visa;

    • Full name as in your passport;

    • A photo of your passport (main page)

  2. You sign a contract with our company Legal Indonesia. You will receive an invoice for payment depending on the selected package.

  3. After receiving payment, our legal department will start processing  your documents.

  4. We pay the consular fee and all administrative payments.

  5. As soon as your Evisa is ready, we will inform you and send you the documents in a convenient way for you.

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