Accounting Services

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We offer a range of accounting and tax services for foreign entrepreneurs and investors in Indonesia, providing comprehensive support in the preparation and submission of financial reports. Our experts will assist you in effectively organizing accounting processes, complying with all local regulations and laws, as well as minimizing tax liabilities.

Who will benefit from our services?

Our services are designed to assist owners and directors of companies with foreign investments in Indonesia, including those who:

  • are planning to open a business in Indonesia;
  • have just registered a company and are unfamiliar with local accounting and tax processes;
  • are seeking a qualified accountant;
  • are dissatisfied with their current accountant’s work;
  • wish to conduct a company audit.

Our team consists of experienced and licensed accountants and other professionals ready to provide comprehensive support in taxation and accounting services.

Our services include

We also offer subscription-based services for the preparation and submission of reports.

Subscription-based accounting services

Our subscription-based services provide accounting support throughout the entire duration of your company’s operations. This allows our clients to focus on their business without spending time and resources on organizing an internal accounting department.


  • Regular reporting preparation: We ensure monthly preparation of tax and financial reports. This ensures the timeliness and accuracy of your business’s financial information, as well as compliance with local legal requirements.
  • Consultation and support: Our accountants are always ready to answer your questions and provide consultations on tax matters, accounting, and financial analysis. We help our clients navigate complex tax and accounting issues.
  • Tax planning: We assist in optimizing your business’s tax burden by developing strategies to minimize tax payments and take advantage of tax incentives and preferential regimes.
  • Audit preparation: We prepare your company for audits by ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial reporting and compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Flexible approach: We adapt our services to the needs of your business and are ready to provide additional services upon your request.

With our subscription-based services, you gain a reliable partner in managing your business’s accounting processes, ensuring a high level of service and support throughout our collaboration.

Looking to delegate your accounting duties and have confidence in their quality execution? Our team is ready to handle the preparation and provision of reports, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Contact us to learn how we can help you run your business more efficiently

How much do accounting services cost

The cost of accounting services is determined by the volume of your company’s activities and the number of financial transactions per month.

For more detailed information on pricing, please visit the following link:

FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What reports must a company submit in Indonesia?

The company is required to submit the following reports:

monthly tax reports

company financial report

annual company report

annual director’s report

quarterly investment reports (LKPM)

PHR report in the presence of NPWPD

What is required to submit reports?

For the submission of reports, an Indonesian company must obtain:


—  an account in DJP online

—  a digital certificate

We will arrange all these tax identifiers for you before submitting the reports!

What data do we need to provide for the report submission?

To provide accounting services, we require the following documents from you:

—  articles of association;

—  AHU information;

—  SK;

—  NIB;

—  KITAS and a copy of the director’s passport;

—  OSS system login and password;

—  company NPWP;

—  DJP system login and password (if available);

—  NPWPD system login and password (if available);

—  company EFIN (if available);

—  director’s EFIN (if available);

—  director’s NPWP (if available);

—  bank account transaction statement from the company’s registration date;

—  expenditure information from the company’s registration date;

income information from the company’s registration date;

all submitted tax and accounting reports from the company’s registration date.

In what format will we work?

After prepayment, we will add you to a chat with our licensed tax specialists, who will monthly request the necessary data for report submission. Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • 1 free hour-long consultation at our office
  • a chat with English-speaking customer support.

What languages do your staff speak?

Our accountants speak English and Indonesian. We guarantee that all your questions will be understood, and you will receive quality support.

When do I make payment for your services?

Payment for our services is made according to the agreed terms, usually monthly or quarterly.