Trademark registration in Indonesia

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Trademark registration is necessary to protect the uniqueness of your brand and prevent its illegal use by others.

If you are just starting a business in Indonesia or already run a company, but have not yet registered your trademark, we strongly recommend that you do so.

We specialize in trademark registration and are ready to provide you with a full range of services to ensure reliable protection of your brand.

Advantages of trademark registration

  1. Registration grants the owner exclusive rights to use the trademark and the opportunity to prohibit others from using similar marks.
  2. It helps to combat counterfeiting and unfair competition, protecting the reputation and quality of goods or services.
  3. A registered trademark can become a valuable asset of a company that can be licensed or sold.
  4. It helps in creating and strengthening a brand, increasing its awareness among consumers.
  5. It provides an opportunity to file lawsuits against trademark infringers and claim compensation for damages.
  6. Trademark registration in Indonesia can facilitate trademark registration in other countries and provide international protection.

In what cases is it necessary to register a trademark?

  1. Launching a new brand: When launching a new product or service to the market in order to secure the rights to use a unique brand.
  2. Business Expansion: When entering a new market or expanding a business to protect the brand in new regions.
  3. Protection from competitors: To prevent competitors from using similar or identical signs.
  4. Franchising and licensing: For those who plan to transfer the rights to use the brand through franchising or licensing.

Who needs to register a trademark?

  1. Companies and Entrepreneurs: Any company or sole proprietor who does business in Indonesia and uses unique signs, logos, slogans or other designations to identify their goods or services.
  2. Manufacturers and sellers of goods: It is especially important for those who produce or sell goods to protect their brands from counterfeiting and unfair competition.
  3. Service Providers: Companies providing services can also register their marks to protect their brands

What is necessary to register a trademark in Indonesia?

We can help you register your trademark. To do this, we will need: To do this, we will need:

For an individual applicant:

  • Identification Card (ID Card/Passport)
  • The image itself or the logo in PDF format
  • Electronic signature in PDF format

For a legal entity:

  • Company Director’s ID Card (ID Card/Passport)
  • The image itself or the logo in PDF format
  • Electronic signature of the director in PDF format
  • Company documents: the company’s charter and the resolution on the legal entity from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

The cost of legal services for trademarks:

  • Brand verification – 250,000 IDR (per brand)
  • Brand registration – 5,000,000 IDR (by product class)
  • Trademark certificate – 500,000 IDR (per brand)

TOTAL: 5,750,000 IDR

Additional costs are possible!

Terms and stages of trademark registration in Indonesia

The execution period is about 1 year (acceleration up to 4 months is possible, the cost in this case is calculated separately)

Stages of work:

  1. Application submission – 1 business day
  2. Verification of the completeness of registration documents – 15 days
  3. Trademark registration announcement – 2 months
  4. Trademark verification by an expert – 150 days (about 5 months)
  5. Certification – 3 months

Total: about 1 year.

Our experts will be happy to help you secure exclusive rights to your unique trademark so that you can focus on developing your business with confidence in legal protection.