Zero companies

(companies with no account and no movement of funds)

Maintenance cost – 17 million per year.

Quarterly: 3.2 million per quarter plus annual reports – 4.2 million.

Small companies

(maximum 5 transactions per month: expenses, profit, bank charges, bank administration costs, deposit of funds, etc., not exceeding Rs. 500 million per year)

Maintenance cost – 28 million per year.

Quarterly: 6 million per quarter plus annual reports – 4 million.

Medium-sized companies

(maximum 20 transactions per month: excluding capital contribution, not exceeding Rs. 4.8 billions per annum)

Maintenance cost – 45 million per year.

Quarterly: 10 million per quarter plus annual reports 5 million.

Big companies

(more than 20 transactions: excluding capital contribution, more than Rs. 4.8 bln per year)

Maintenance cost – from 60 million per annum depending on the type of business of the company

Filing of company reports includes:

  1. monthly tax reports

  2. company financial report

  3. annual report of the company

  4. annual director’s report

  5. quarterly investment reports (LKPM)

  6. registration of NPWPs, EFINs

  7. registration in DJP online

  8. 1 free one-hour consultation in the office

  9. chat support with English speaking specialists

We file reports based on the data you provide:

  1. Company account statements (if you have an account);

  2. If you have cash receipts, a free-form excel spreadsheet in English with income/expenses and plus receipts (if available).

More for accounting services

  1. Companies with the type of activity Retail and Hospitality service must also submit a PHR report if they have NPWPD.

  2. The cost of submitting PHR reports is 3 million per year.


  • The Monthly Services Price can change depending on the transaction flow from company operation.

  • The additional charges will be added if after being checked by the consultant, they find an additional tax obligation report that must be reported to complete the Annual Tax Report.

  • The company that indicated as Retail Business must give all datas related with the inventory like Inventory Purchase details such as Purchase invoice, Purchase payment, Quantity of Purchase,etc. plus Inventory Sales details such as Sales Invoice, Sales payment receipt, Quantity of Sales, etc.

  • If Clients Company already has a company bank account they must provide the bank statement every month (Max. date is 4th of the following month). For best way, share the online access to the consultant only to download Company Bank Statement by self every month. This way can help to process transaction confirmation on making Accounting & Tax Reports.

  • If a Company still does not yet have Company Bank Account must provide the manual records & documents related to Company Income and/or Expenses because it’s related with Accounting & Tax Reports.

  • The Director must register a Tax Number ID (NPWP) because it is related with authorities for Financial Report, Tax Report & Company Bank Account Registration.