Administrative Services for a Business

Opening and running a business in Bali is an exciting endeavor,yet one that requires careful planning and timely monitoring. And mistakes here can be costly. 

Therefore the Legal Indonesia agency offers a new company administration service. If you are the owner or manager of a company in Indonesia, this service is your magic wand for saving time, money and nerves. With it, you can free yourselves of some routine tasks by entrusting the processing of various payments to a reliable agency. 

So, what is this service and who can benefit from it?

The administration service is a separate service from reporting, aimed at simplifying work with the company’s bank with the creation of invoices and the processing of incoming/outgoing payments from the company.

Legal Indonesia's company administration services include

  • creation of payment orders

  • processing BPJS payments through the company’s Internet banking

  • processing tax payments through the company’s Internet banking

  • creation of invoices

  • processing payments for invoices in the company’s online banking (for example: the client receives an invoice, the agency processes the payment, the client approves it using a token)

  • BPJS payment reminder (until the 10th of every month)

  • free one-hour consultation in English once a month.

The cost of the service starts from 1 million per month, depending on the number of invoices and payments from the company. You can order the administration service either as a separate service or in conjunction with the reporting service. This will greatly simplify your interaction with government agencies and your counterparties. To find out more about the service and how it can improve processes in your company, please contact Legal Indonesia.

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