How to travel around Indonesia while your passport is being extended at the immigration office?

The visa extension procedure is a top priority as failing to take care of it in a timely manner can result in a violation of the visa regulations and, at the very least, incurring a penalty.

During the visa extension process, which typically takes about two weeks, you will be without your passport. Does this mean you have to give up traveling and stay in one place? Not at all. The key is to prepare in advance by making a copy of your passport.

So, how can you travel around Indonesia while your passport is being extended?

Before submitting your passport for extension, be sure to make a paper copy and take a photo of it on your phone. Notarization is not required. 

Copies of your passport will be sufficient for checking into hotels, visiting tourist attractions, and even traveling to neighboring islands such as Gili, Nusa Penida, Lombok and Java.

If you plan to fly to distant regions within Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Komodo Island, or Sumba, you will usually be able to use a copy of your passport to purchase tickets and board flights. However, it is recommended to clarify this with the airline in advance to avoid any surprises.

If you intend to visit non-touristic places, we recommend you to wait until your passport is ready. Such locations usually do not expect to encounter many foreign tourists, which may result in stricter rules and requirements for foreigners.

It is important to note that the visa extension process should always be initiated in advance. For your convenience, we have couriers who can come to your specified address, collect the necessary documents, and return them to you upon completion. You will only need to visit the immigration office for the biometric procedure.

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