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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Business Visa 211

  • Photo/scan of the passport in unfolded form, without cutting off the edges, without hands.
  • Photo/scan of health insurance in any language.
  • The most profitable and convenient payment method is a transfer from your card to our company’s account in an Indonesian bank through the PaySend service. The commission is almost zero, and the transfer comes in a couple of minutes. To pay, go to the website paysend.com and select the direction of transfer from Rubles to Indonesian rupees. Next, you will need to select that the transfer is made to the account (and not to the card) and enter the exact amount to be received in Indonesian rupees.Next, enter the account details of our company:
    Bank: Bank Central Asia
    Account number: 1464030207
    City: Kota Denpasar
    Name: International
    Next, make a transfer and send a screenshot of the payment to our manager on WhatsApp or Telegram

Through cherehapa.ru

An insurance for any period is suitable.

We have not had a single refusal. The agreement contains the conditions for the refund of funds in case of visa refusal.

The visa is valid from the moment of entry into the country.

The visa is issued for 60 days with the possibility of its extension 4 more times for 30 days.

Renewals with the help of our company. Cost is IDR 800.000 .

You may need to book a ticket upon arrival in the country. (Подойдёт не оплаченная бронь, можно сделать на сайте airlife.ua действительна 48 часов)

No. You don’t need to pay extra at the airport.

Business trip considering Bali for investment and business start-up.

Yes. Bali is currently closed for International flights, so arrival is carried out via Jakarta. This does not apply to visa restrictions. When the island opens for international flights – welcome straight to Bali!