The pitfalls of extending a KITAS: the story of one client.

We were contacted by a client requesting an extension to his working contract issued a year earlier through another agent. The client entrusted us with the accounting for his company, expecting that with our assistance, the renewal process would proceed smoothly and without difficulty. However, reality turned out to be far more complicated and full of surprises.

Preparing for an extension step by step

First, we requested the client to provide all necessary data regarding KITAS, company documents, and access to electronic systems. There were several mandatory conditions for the extension, including the foreign employee having a personal NPWP (National Identity Card), SKTT (Social Security Number), registration with BPJS (Health Insurance), and submission of their personal annual tax report.

There are also a lot of demands from the company. At the time of extension, it was necessary to confirm the availability of local employees, submit an updated employment report, submit an annual report and ensure that all employees are registered with the BPJS Employment program. 

We understood that this process required time and careful preparation, so we began working ahead of time to avoid potential problems. The preparations included collecting and processing the personal data of foreigners, NPWPs, SKTs, and submitting their personal annual reports. Everything seemed manageable until we encountered unexpected obstacles.

Unexpected difficulties

At the first stage, everything went according to plan: we received documents from the client for local employees. However, when it came to updating the employment report and gaining access to electronic systems, difficulties began.

To extend KITAS, we needed to have access to a number of key systems:

  1. OSS (Online Single Submission)

  2. Visa Online

  3. Djp online (Direktorat Jenderal Pajak online)

  4. BPJS Employment (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial)

  5. TKA (Tenaga Kerja Asing, RPTKA work permit system for foreign workers)

  6. Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan (Company employment report filing and updating system)

We got access to the first three systems without any problems. For BPJS Employment, we created a company account when registering a foreign employee and local employees with BPJS. However, the previous agent categorically refused to transfer access to the TKA and Wajib Lapor systems. In response to our requests, he only advised us to "send an email to the Ministry of Labor."

Realizing that cooperation with this agent is impossible and that he is illegally withholding company data, we decided to act directly through the Ministry of Labor.

The struggle for access and unexpected discoveries

We restored access to TKA, and this allowed us to apply for an extension of the work permit. But there were serious problems with Wajib Lapor. Even after restoring access, it was not easy to log into the company's account and update the information. It seems that someone was constantly changing the password, preventing us from doing our job.

It was impossible to extend the working hours without an updated employment report.The agent refused to grant access, update the report, or transfer this task to us. Why? When we finally managed to log into the Wajib Lapor system, we understood the reason.

Shocking discoveries in the company's account

We found two serious problems in the system:

  1. Incorrect binding of BPJS Employment. BPJS Employment of a completely different company was attached to the company's account. This meant that the registration of employees and payment of insurance premiums were conducted incorrectly.

  2. The number of employees exceeds 100. There were more than 100 employees in the system, although in reality there were much fewer of them. This threatened the company with heavy fines for non-registration of employees in BPJS and non-payment of insurance premiums. Not to mention the tax penalties that could follow.

Our client was not aware of all this. Perhaps the agent decided not to grant access precisely because of these hidden problems. The situation required an immediate solution.

New plan and successful completion

We decided to create a new account for the client's company. Using the data of the current employees of the company, we managed to register a new account, submit an employment report and apply for an extension of the visa.

What will happen to the old account remains a mystery, but the main thing is that the client received his KITAS extension, and we were able to expose and eliminate serious problems in maintaining the company's documentation.

This story is a vivid example of how important it is to choose trusted and reliable partners. Unscrupulous agents can not only delay the process and hide important data, but also endanger the financial well-being and reputation of the company.

Working with a professional and reliable company can not only save you from unnecessary problems, but also ensure timely and correct execution of all procedures. We always strive for transparency and professionalism in our work, so that our clients can be sure of the safety and correctness of all completed documents.

By choosing us, you choose peace of mind and confidence that all legal and administrative processes will be carried out at the highest level.

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