Bank Mandiri is launching the “Tap to Pay” feature. Familiarize yourself with the activation process

Bank Mandiri introduces the country’s first feature, “Tap to Pay, facilitating customers in choosing payment methods for faster transactions. Timothy Utama, the bank’s IT Director, explained in an official statement that this service is available in the Livin’by Mandiri app: “Now, payment is just one tap with Tap to Pay. The payment process is completed in just a few seconds”.

To activate this feature, open the Livin’app, select the Tap to Pay menu on the main page, and choose the debit or credit card type to be used as the funding source. After selecting the card type, press the “Activate Card for Tap to Pay” button, enter the PIN code for the Livin’ mobile app, and the feature will be activated. This payment option allows transactions anywhere, including abroad, as the feature is supported in Visa and Mastercard networks worldwide.

Now, if you’re in another country and want to make a purchase at a store or settle a bill at a restaurant, there’s no need to worry about switching cards, let alone carrying the physical card with you. Simply touch the screen using Tap to Pay. You can use funds from both debit and credit cards for this convenient method.

This function has several advantages, for instance, it prevents the exposure of confidential information, such as the card’s expiration date or CVV code, during transactions at the cashier. Moreover, it safeguards customers from crimes related to RFID-skimming, a type of theft that utilizes an RFID scanning device to capture card data.

In addition to solutions for contactless payments, distinct from QRIS payments, the convenience of the Tap to Pay feature can be directly experienced through the Tap to Pay menu on the main page of the Livin’by Mandiri app. The customer selects the “Tap here to Pay ” button and brings their mobile phone close to the EDC terminal to complete the payment, after which the transaction is processed.

Currently, the Tap to Pay feature is available only on devices running the Android operating system. If customers wish to obtain more detailed information about the Tap to Pay function, they can visit

As an October 2023, Livin’by Mandiri has been downloaded nearly 34 million times. The company’s digital platform has recorded a total transaction volume of 2/6 trillion rupiahs, with a frequency of 2 billion transactions.

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