The Immigration Service has clarified the details regarding visas and residence permits

Travel restrictions to Indonesia regarding the guest visa and temporary residence permit refer to the Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. 26 of 2020 on the policy on visas and residence permits in accordance with the New Normality.

You will be allowed to enter Indonesia if you have:

  1. Official visa

  2. Diplomatic visa

  3. Guest visa

  4. Temporary stay visa

  5. Official residence permit

  6. Diplomatic residence permit

  7. Temporary residence permit

  8. Permanent residence permit

  9. Status of an active crew member on board

  10. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Card or

  11. The status of a traditional border crossing

A visitor visa allows you to enter Indonesia for:

  1. important and emergency work;

  2. business meetings;

  3. sales of goods;

  4. as foreign workers on probation;

  5. for medical assistance and food supplies;

  6. to join the transport as an active crew member.

A temporary residence permit is provided:

  1. for work activities; and/or

  2. for non-business activities.

A temporary residence permit for the performance of work allows:

  1. to work as a professional or an expert;

  2. join ships, vessels or any other facilities in the Indonesian maritime zone, territorial sea, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone of Indonesia;

  3. supervise the quality control of goods and products;

  4. conduct audits at the company's branches in Indonesia;

  5. doing after-sales service;

  6. install and repair machines;

  7. perform temporary work in construction;

  8. to work as foreign workers on probation.

A temporary residence permit for non-business activities allows you to stay in Indonesia in the following cases:

  1. foreign investments;

  2. family reunion;

  3. tourism for the elderly.

The free visa and the visa on arrival are not valid yet.

When applying for a visa, send a letter with a visa application to the Director General of the Immigration Service by e-mail

In the application letter for a visa, you must specify:

  1. The identity of the sponsor

  2. The identity of the foreigner

  3. Sponsor's email address

  4. The sponsor's certificate.

  5. Application number

After your application is approved by the Director General of the Immigration Service, you will receive the token number to your email address to apply for a visa on the Immigration website

You can check the validity of your e-visa by scanning the QR code or checking it on the Immigration website

For more information about the Circular Letter of the Director General of the Immigration Service No. IMI-0661.GR.01.01 dated 2021 on the policy on visas and residence permits in accordance with the New Normality, visit the Immigration website

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