1. Certificate of vaccination

The certificate of full vaccination is not required for visa processing and arrival to Indonesia from July 3, 2023. 

2. Visa

Visa must be printed.
The visa issue date is indicated in the upper left corner. The entry period is 90 days from the date of issue.

2.1. Sponsorship and guarantee letters.

If you are entering the country on a business visa, then you need to print and have with you a sponsorship and guarantee letter from your personal account.
If you are entering on a tourist visa, no letters are needed!

3. Travel insurance

Insurance is not a mandatory item, but it may be asked. In general, it is better to have insurance in Indonesia, because medicine is very expensive.

4. Return ticket

The date of the return ticket must be within the validity period of your visa, excluding extensions.

5. Quarantine

Quarantine when entering Indonesia has been lifted. 

6. Customs declaration

To enter Indonesia, you must complete a customs declaration. This can be done online upon arrival. At the airport there are banners with a QR code that you need to scan to get to the declaration filling page. But in order not to waste time upon arrival, we recommend filling it out in advance on the official website.

7. Passport control

7.1. By business visa

Please be attentive, collected, be sure to be polite and decently dressed when passing through passport control. We do not recommend drinking alcohol on the plane.

Purpose of your visit?
– business meeting.
Business meeting on what topic?
– buying property in indonesia
Who is the visa sponsor?
– Name the sponsor company from your letters (the name of the sponsor is written in capital letters at the very top of the letter – in the logo).
What does a sponsor do?
– Sponsor is a visa agency providing services for real estate companies in Bali, by inviting people to invest in Indonesia.

7.2. Passport control on a tourist visa

Purpose of your visit — Tourism.


If the officer at passport control asks you about the address on the visa and that it does not match your address in Bali, say:
– the address of the sponsor is indicated in the visa
– you are still deciding on the place of residence in Bali and upon renewal you will change the address.
Remember that everything is in order with the visa and address, as it should be.
Be sure of your words and if the officer insists, say that you will contact the consul.

7.3. Passport control on D212 visa

If you regularly leave for a short period of time on such a visa, then be prepared for the fact that the officer will ask you why you are so little outside Indonesia, since the visa was created not for a long stay, but for short visits during the year.

For example, you can answer that you have a business outside Indonesia or relatives in another country.

You can also arrange a service with us to help you through passport control.

8. PCR test

A PCR test is not required to enter Indonesia.

Carefully read the rules on the requirements for PCR tests in the airline and countries of transit.

9. Visa extension inside Indonesia

Upon arrival in the country, a sticker with the expiration date of the visa will be pasted into your passport, if you want to extend your visa, then you need to contact us at least 10-14 working days before its expiration to arrange an extension at the minimum cost.

If you overstay your visa, the fine is 1,000,000 per day.

❗️Attention, be sure to check the dates on the sticker after passing through passport control.
If there is any error, contact the officer to correct it.

E211 visa cannot be extended
D211 visa cannot be extended

10. More useful information:

⚡️ We also help:
– with opening a bank account in Bali
– with a driver’s license
– with registration of a company in Indonesia and registration of KITAS