How to obtain a residence permit in Bali?

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Imagine the freedom of living on the island of Bali without any concern of visa expiration, the hassle of explaining frequent travels at customs, and the need for visa extensions. Instead, envision having rights on par with the locals:

  • Have the flexibility to enter and leave Indonesia as you wish;
  • Open accounts in Indonesian banks;
  • Opt to purchase, rather than lease, scooters, cars, real estate, and have them registered in your name;
  • Bring your family to the island;
  • Enjoy additional benefits such as medical services and discounts on attractions and transportation.
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In various countries, long-term stays and privileges are often associated with obtaining a residence permit. In Indonesia, it is commonly known as KITAS, a long-term visa tailored for specific purposes. In some cases, KITAS holders can obtain permanent residency after 5 years.

What types of KITAS exist, and how can they be obtained?

The Investor KITAS is the quickest way to obtain a residence permit in Indonesia.

To acquire this, a foreigner must invest money in a company registered in Indonesia.

Frequently, foreigners aspiring to make Bali their home opt for this route, setting up their own company here. This way allows them not only become full-fledged residents of Indonesia but also manage their own business and generate income. However investor KITAS holders can not work in Indonesia, but they can be a director.

For more details on what’s required to register a business, you can find the information here.

Residence permit is granted for 1 or 2 years and can be extended. After 5 years, an investor can apply for permanent residency.

The processing of Investor KITAS cost $1026. It takes about 7-10 business days to receive an e-visa.

After entering Indonesia, it will take about 3 weeks to activate the KITAS.

We strongly recommend setting up a legitimate business that genuinely operates. Indonesia’s immigration policies have become stricter lately, and authorities easily detect and crack down on fake companies established solely for the purpose of obtaining KITAS.

Don’t be afraid of the required minimum capital; it can be contributed in installments. Alternatively, get in touch with our specialist who can guide you on how to establish a company and minimize initial costs.

The Second Home visa is another option tailored for investors and affluent expatriates.

To secure this visa, individuals must demonstrate either a minimum balance of $130,000 in an Indonesian bank account, approximately 2 billion IDR, or ownership of luxury real estate in Indonesia valued at no less than $1 million.

Moreover, proof of property ownership and the right to use it (Hak Pakai) is mandatory.

Under this visa, individuals are not permitted to work or earn income in Indonesia; they can only deal with investment activities.

The Second Home visa is initially issued for 5 years and can be extended for an additional 5 years. It also provides the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

Family members of the visa holder can also obtain the same visa, including spouses, children, or parents. The documentation required for their application is the same.

The processing cost for the Second Home visa is $2,900, and the inclusion of family members incurs an additional fee of $2,600 per person.

The processing time is approximately 7-10 working days after payment and submission of all required documents.

The new E33G visa, introduced in January 2024, allows foreigners to legally live and work remotely in Bali.

To obtain this visa, the foreigner must be officially employed by a company registered outside Indonesia and have an income of at least $60,000 per year.

Selling goods or services within Indonesia is prohibited.

The visa is issued for a period of 1 year without the possibility of extension and provides the same basic privileges as other KITAS:

  • Entry and exit from the country
  • Bringing family to Indonesia
  • Opening bank accounts

The processing cost is 15 000 000 IDR (~960$), including visa fees

Processing time: 10-14 days

The Work KITAS enables foreigners to work and earn income in Indonesia.

To qualify, the foreigner must be officially employed by an Indonesian company.

An expatriate can become an employee of a company with foreign investments (PT-PMA) as long as they are not a co-founder and obtain a work permit.

The Work KITAS is issued for a specific position and is valid for one year. The employing company serves as the visa sponsor.

After 5 years, the foreigner can apply for permanent residency.

The processing cost is $830, plus a $1,200 government tax.

The processing time is 1-2 months if the applicant submits documents from another country and 2-3 months if submitted from within Indonesia.

Freelance KITAS

The Freelance KITAS is a visa designed for various freelance professions, allowing its holder to work legally within Indonesia.

No employer is required for this visa; however, work is limited to the approved profession.

Professionals in the following fields can apply for the Freelance KITAS:


Dive Manager

Research and Development Advisor


Diving Coach

Rowing Coach

Art Director

Diving Coach

Shooting coach

Athletic Trainer

Fashion Model

Show manager

Badminton Coach

Fleet manager


Basketball coach

General Manager

Soccer Coach

Basketball Player

Golf coach

Softball Coach



Sports consultant

Bowling Coach

Judo Coach

Sports Science Manager

Box promoter

Karaoke guide

Swimming Coach



Synchronized Swimming Coach

Boxing Coach

Marketing counselor

Table Tennis Coach

Chief Illuminator

Marketing Manager

Taekwondo Coach

Circus performer

Model in commercials

Tourist Facilities Manager

Cruise Manager

Music Director

Volleyball Coach



Volleyball Player


Polo Coach

Wushu Coach

Disc jockey




The visa is issued for 6 months and can not be extended.

The processing cost is approximately $1000 for freelance and an additional $600 for taxes.

The Family KITAS can be obtained by the spouse of a KITAS holder with the 312 index (working or investor KITAS) or by an Indonesian citizen, along with their underage children.

To apply, you need to provide evidence of your marital status.

The Family KITAS is initially granted for one year, with the option of annual renewal for up to 5 years if you are married to an Indonesian citizen. If your spouse holds a KITAS and resides in Indonesia, the duration of your permit will be the same as theirs.

Permanent residency can be applied for only after three years of official marriage to an Indonesian spouse.

Working under this visa is not allowed.

You can apply for a limited stay permit at an Indonesian embassy in any country or within Indonesia itself if you are on a social visa 211, by converting it into a KITAS.

The processing cost is $610 for one year per person.

Obtaining an e-visa for entry into Indonesia takes 7-10 working days.

Biometric data submission after entry and visa collection takes approximately 3 weeks.

The Retirement KITAS is available for individuals who have reached 60 years of age and possess sufficient financial means.

This type of KITAS is available to citizens of 60 countries.

If one of the spouses has not reached 60 years, a dependent visa can be arranged for them. Additionally, minor children of the applicant (under 18 years old) can also obtain this visa.

To apply for the visa, one must:

  • Have financial support of over $18,000 USD per year. This can include a pension from the government and rental income;
  • Have health and life insurance;
  • Enter into a rental agreement for accommodation for at least 1 year;
  • Employ a maid or a housekeeper.

Working under the Retirement KITAS is prohibited.

The Retirement visa is initially granted for one year with the possibility of annual renewal for up to five years. After 5 years, one can apply for permanent residency.

The processing cost is $1020 per person for one year.

The processing time for the Retirement KITAS is approximately 1 month. It can be obtained both within Indonesia and in any other country.

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