What can you do in Bali and for which you can be punished and even deported

After a series of high-profile offenses that occurred in the first half of 2023, the Bali Immigration Service issued a memo to tourists “On norms and prohibitions on the island.” It is assumed that every guest entering Indonesia should familiarize himself with the rules and clearly follow them. So far, the memo has been published only in three languages: English, Chinese and Hindi. It contains two pages: the first contains general recommendations for tourists, the second contains prohibitions. Let's look at what is written in the memo.

12 points that must be followed by all arrivals to the island:

  1. Respect the local religion and sacred sites

  2. Respect Balinese customs and ceremonies

  3. Wear appropriate clothes

  4. Behave yourself in temples and other sacred places

  5. If necessary, travel around the island only with a licensed guide

  6. Change your currency only at official exchange offices

  7. Use the Indonesian QR payment system if necessary

  8. Pay only in the local currency — Indonesian Rupiah

  9. Follow the traffic rules

  10. Rent vehicles only from legal, legally registered companies

  11. Choose only legal places to stay

  12. When visiting any tourist places, follow the rules established there

The recommendations are fairly standard and obvious. Most of them are applicable not only to Bali, but also to any other country.

And now let's look at the prohibitions, there are only 7 of them:

  1. Do not enter the main area of the sacred sites without permission. You can only stay in this area to pray, only in traditional Balinese clothes and in the absence of menstruation.

  2. Do not climb the sacred trees

  3. Do not take pictures in inappropriate clothes in sacred places

  4. Don't waste it

  5. Do not use plastic that is not recyclable

  6. Do not work or do business without a special permit and visa

  7. Do not engage in illegal trade

For violating all of the above prohibitions, you can be severely punished, up to deportation from the island. 

Perhaps this list will be updated. Earlier, Bali Governor Wayan Koster took the initiative to ban mountain climbing, including the peaks of the Batur and Agung volcanoes, which are popular among tourists. However, so far this memo does not mention hiking. If there are any updates or changes, we will definitely let you know.

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