The public should embrace Artificial Intelligence to expand its capabilities.

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Indonesia not only follows progressive global trends but also actively participates in them, especially in the field of computer technologies.

“Artificial Intelligence is intended to expand society’s capabilities”, said Nazar Patria, Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics. He urged the residents of Indonesia to perceive Al as a means to gain greater autonomy and enhance productivity.

According to him, as society embraces this knowledge, it will become part of the digital transformation, elevating productivity across various sectors.

“We cannot evade technological changes. We must not only apply them but also continuously expand our knowledge in this field”, he stated at the Indonesian Cyber Law Conference 2023 in front of specialists, developers, and the academic community.

Patria also highlighted that the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) pays special attention to ensuring security when using Al in various spheres, such as data confidentiality, system integrity, and information accessibility.

Kemenkominfo presented its developments in risk reduction at the international conference “Al Security Summit 2023”. In addition, Indonesia called upon all participating countries to collaborate mutually to ensure equal opportunities for all traits in Al developments.

“Our goal is not limited to regulating the Al ecosystem solely within Indonesia, but we continue discussions on global Al governance, considering that Al-related risks have an international nature. The focus on strengthening this ecosystem is critical, given the rapid growth of the industry”, emphasized Patria in his report.

According to the 2023 McKinsey report, over 600 companies worldwide are utilizing Artificial intelligence across various business sectors, from marketing and customer service to cybersecurity. The global market value of Al is projected to reach $142.3 billion in 2023.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ACEAH) has significantly contributed to the global GDP of the Southeast Asian countries, estimated at one trillion US dollars, through the utilization of artificial intelligence technology. It is anticipated that a portion of this amount, specifically 366 billion US dollars, will be attributed to Indonesia.

Source of the article: Public should embrace AI for greater empowerment: Deputy minister

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