The hotel and restaurant sector in Bali has emerged as a top choice for foreign investors

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In 2023, investments totalling 35.6 trillion IDR flooded into Indonesia’s hotel and restaurant industry, covering 21,570 projects. This substantial influx signifies robust growth and a promising outlook for tourism and catering industries

These investments stem from both foreign direct investment (PMA) and domestic investment (PMDN). Specifically, PMA investments, predominantly from foreign investors, amounted to 811,139,900 US dollars or around 12 trillion IDR (at a rate of 14,800 IDR) across 7,088 projects. Bali attracted a significant share of those PMA investments, totaling 219,852,000 US dollars or approximately 3.25 trillion IDR across 2,513 projects. Jakarta followed suit with investments reaching 114,703,680,000 USD (1.68 trillion IDR) across 1,311 projects.

These figures are sourced from the National Single Window for Investment (NSWI) page on the Indonesian Ministry of Investment’s (BKPM) website.

Here are the top five provinces with the highest volume of PMA investments in the hotel and restaurant sectors:

  1. Bali: 219,852,800 USD or approximately 3,253,821,440,000 IDR
  2. Jakarta: 114,101,600 USD or approximately 1,688,703,680,000 IDR
  3. West Java: 77,898,400 USD or approximately 1,152,896,320,000 IDR
  4. East Nusa Tenggara: 74,611,200 USD or approximately 1,104,245,760,000 IDR
  5. West Nusa Tenggara: 66,542,600 USD or approximately 984,830,480,000 IDR

These statistics underscore the notable surge in investments in Indonesia’s hotel and restaurant sectors, signaling a rebound in business activity post-pandemic. We extend our best wishes for success and prosperity to all businesses.

Based on the above, it can be seen that investments in the restaurant sector in Indonesia have indeed increased compared to previous years. This indicates a recovery in business activity after several years of the pandemic. We wish everyone success and prosperity in their businesses.

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