The client disappeared with $2000: how to oblige unscrupulous counterparties to pay

Our client, a legal entity, asked us to help resolve the dispute: The company has concluded a contract with its client, another legal entity, for the provision of services, with an advance payment of 50%. After successful completion of the work, the customer stopped contacting without paying the remaining 50% — 35 million rupees or $ 2,200.

What have we done

Our lawyers have conducted a thorough analysis of the contract and documentation to understand the legal aspects of the dispute. Based on the collected data, we have developed a formal claim, clearly stating our rights and requirements.

The claim was sent to the defendant not only by regular mail, but also through messengers, where communication between counterparties took place in order to ensure maximum accessibility and attention to our request. The defendant reacted in no way, apparently thinking that the situation was not serious and there would be no consequences.

After the lack of response to the first claim, our lawyers prepared and sent a second notice, demonstrating our determination to achieve justice in court.


The defendant got in touch and expressed his willingness to settle the dispute. The parties reached an agreement to pay the remaining 50% of the amount without filing an application to the court, and the client received the promised payment of 35 million rupees,

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