Family KITAS: it is easy!

KITAS is a limited stay permit in Indonesia. It gives the holder more rights on the country’s territory and allows them to enter and leave Indonesia as many times as desired. Not everyone can obtain KITAS. That’s why most expats continue to live in Bali on a tourist visa.

In this article, you will learn all about the family KITAS: who and how can obtain it and what benefits it gives its holder.

Who can get a family KITAS?

If your spouse holds a working or investment KITAS with index 312 or is a citizen of Indonesia, then you and your children can obtain a family KITAS. This way, your spouse becomes your sponsor in Indonesia and you have the right to reunite with your family.

If your spouse holds a working or investment KITAS with index 312 or is a citizen of Indonesia, then you and your children can obtain a family KITAS. This way, your spouse becomes your sponsor in Indonesia and you have the right to reunite with your family.

What are the benefits of KITAS?

  • enter and leave Indonesia multiple times;
  • stay in the country for a long period of time without leave;
  • obtain Indonesian driver’s licenses;
  • open bank accounts at any Indonesian bank and even get loans or credit cards;
  • buy cars, scooters, rent land;
  • visit tourist attractions with a discount;
  • get discounts at sport centers and medical facilities;
  • obtain an Indonesian identity card with a validity period of up to 5 years;
  • the possibility of obtaining KITAP (Permanent Stay) (only after 3 years of official marriage with an Indonesian spouse).

What is the validity period of KITAS?

  1. KITAS is valid for one year with the option to extend it annually for 5 years if you are married to an Indonesian.
  2. If your spouse also lives in Indonesia on a KITAS, then the validity period of your permit will be the same as his or her permit.

What is a KITAP?

As we already know the validity period of a family KITAS is a maximum of 5 years. But after some time, its holder can obtain a KITAP, which is a permanent residency permit. When this can be done depends on various factors.

For example, if your spouse is an Indonesian citizen, you can apply for a KITAP three years after your official marriage.

Can I get a KITAS while in Indonesia?

The permit can be obtained at the Indonesian embassy in any country or in Indonesia itself if you are on its territory on a 211 social visa, by converting it to a KITAS.

Such a conversion can be made if the Indonesian spouse acted as a sponsor and was mentioned in the 211-type social visa. The application must be submitted no later than 3 months before the expiration of the social visa. After the submission, you will not be able to leave Indonesia to obtain resident status, a KITAS card, and permission for re-entry.

Step 1. Obtaining an Invitation First, you need to get an invitation – Telex.

First, you need to get an invitation – Telex. Your Indonesian spouse needs to fill out an application and provide the listed documents on the Indonesian immigration service website

After reviewing your application, the immigration service will send you a receipt for payment to the email address provided in the application. This can be paid at any bank or post office in Indonesia. Ask your spouse to do this. You will receive the invitation within 2-3 days after payment.

Step 2: Obtaining an ITAS Visa

The ITAS visa is not yet a KITAS, it is a document that gives you the right to enter Indonesia and obtain a limited stay permit.

To obtain the visa, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of your passport (with a minimum validity of 18 months)
  • A copy of your Indonesian ID card (KTP), family card (Kartu Keluarga), and birth certificate (Akte Kelahiran) of your Indonesian spouse
  • A marriage certificate
  • Proof of funds (a bank statement showing a minimum of $1500 USD)
  • A photo of the applicant on a red background

You do not need to visit the consulate, everything can be done online. You will receive your VITAS in 10-14 days and go to Indonesia.

Step 3. Obtaining KITAS

After you arrive in Indonesia, you need to come to the immigration office to convert your VITAS into a KITAS within 30 days. You only have to visit the office once to complete the biometric and interview process.

While the conversion from VITAS to KITAS is in progress, you cannot leave Indonesia, as your visa will be canceled.

All done. You can live and leave Indonesia whenever you want for the duration of the KITAS validity period. Make sure to check the expiration dates and keep track of when it needs to be renewed.

Extending Family KITAS

In all cases, KITAS is given for one year with the possibility of extension. The procedure must be started no later than one month before its expiration.

In what cases can your KITAS cease to be valid before the term?

It may happen that your permit ceases to be valid earlier than the term, in which case you will need to leave Indonesia.

  • If you have left Indonesia and have not returned for more than a year;
  • In the event of a divorce or death of an Indonesian spouse before the official marriage reaches 10 years;
  • After 5 years you do not renew your permanent residency permit (KITAP);
  • You obtain Indonesian citizenship;
  • The government may also annul the KITAP due to other special circumstances.

Getting a family KITAP is easier than a Residence Permit in many countries. Indonesia does not require too many documents and quickly processes all necessary permits.

The whole procedure can be made easier by using our services. You will only need to provide us with the documents and go for biometrics, we will take care of all preparation and processing.

Our service fees:

Opening a family visa KITAP – IDR 9,500,000

We also deal with the closure of the KITAS.

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