New visa indexes in Indonesia in 2024

In January 2024, Indonesia introduced an updated visa system, applying new visa indexes for various travel purposes such as tourism, business and more specialized permits.

In addition, visa applications must now be submitted online through the official platform of the Indonesian Immigration Service.

Now all visas are classified from B to E and are indicated by a combination of letters and numbers. Each category has specific permissions and expiration dates:

Index B: Visa on arrival

Index C: One-time visit visa

Index D: Multiple-entry visit visa

Index E: Visa with a limited period of stay

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Index B - formerly Visa On Arrival, VOA, e-VOA or B213


Validity period: 30 days, possible extension for another 30 days

The B-index visa is designed for short-term stay in Indonesia for the following purposes:

Index B1 – meetings with friends or family

Index B2 – business, meetings or purchase of goods

Index B3 – receiving medical care

Index B4 – communication with the government

Citizens of the countries on the list* can still apply for a B visa upon arrival at the airport, in advance on the immigration service website or through our agency.

Citizens of other countries, with the exception of ASEAN, who are eligible for visa-free entry, must have a C or D visa to visit Indonesia.

Index C - previously B211, B211A or B211B


Validity period: 60 days, it is possible to extend it two more times for 60 days (except for the C12 visa)

A long-term visa with the C index is issued for tourist and business purposes, as well as for special events:

C2 – Business visit

C7 – Artistic and cultural performances, musical performances

C8 – Non-commercial sports

C10 – Lecturing or presentation at an event without an employment relationship in Indonesia

C11 – Participation in MICE (meetings, promotional events, conventions and exhibitions) as an operator

C12 – Pre–investment (issued for 180 days, with the possibility of extension)

C14 - Making a film

C18 — Operational tests in Indonesia.

Index D - previously D212 visa


Validity period: 1, 2 years or 5 years

A long-term visa in the D index is issued for tourist and business purposes, as well as for special events:

D1 – Tourism, family trip or further trip to another country (1,2,5 years)

D2 – Business, participation in a meeting or purchase of goods(s) (1,2,5 years)

D3 – Holding events related to medical treatment.(1 or 2 years)

D14 – Carrying out activities related to the production of a foreign film. (1 or 2 years)

D17 – Perform actions related to audits, quality control or inspections at the company's branches. (1 or 2 years)

Visas with the D index allow multiple entry and exit from Indonesia, but the maximum period of one-time stay is 60 days and can be extended.

Visas with indexes B, C, D do not give its holder the right to work or earn in Indonesia, but some types of visas allow you to participate in certain business-related activities, for example, negotiations.

Index E - formerly KITAS

E—index visas are exclusive visas that include work permits, stay as a foreign investor, family reunification, stay in Indonesia on retirement or as a resident of a “second home".

Such visas give foreigners more rights in Indonesia, such as multiple entry and exit from the country, buying real estate, opening bank accounts, some of them give the right to work and/or earn money. Accordingly, the requirements for obtaining visas with the E index are higher, but quite clear and understandable.

Our specialists know what is necessary to apply for a particular visa, they will be happy to advise you on choosing a visa and take over the entire process of its registration.

We are in touch and are always happy to help you figure out the new indexes, choose the right visa that suits your goals and duration of stay in Indonesia. Write to us.

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