New rules for entry, visa application and visa extension

The Directorate of Immigration of Indonesia has issued an information letter number IMI-GR.01.01-0331 dated February 11, 2021, which details the rules of entry for foreigners, requirements for applying for visas and extending current visas.

The following categories of citizens are exempt from the ban on entry into Indonesia:

  1. Holders of a valid Temporary Residence Permit (ITAS) or Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP);

  2. Holders of a valid Indonesian Electronic Visa (eVisa);

  3. Medical, food and humanitarian workers;

  4. Foreign citizens working on vital strategic projects, vital national facilities, national strategic projects.

The foreign nationals referred to in paragraphs 3, 4, 5 must receive letters of recommendation from the relevant ministries/institutions in Indonesia and present them to the Immigration service upon arrival.

Foreign citizens applying for an electronic visa:

  1. You are not required to attach the results to the RT-PCR test certificate.

  2. Must attach a statement of readiness to provide treatment at their own expense if they become infected with COVID-19 during their stay in Indonesia.

Foreign citizens who have extended the residence permit for visits (Izin Tinggal Kunjungan) 4 times and have not exceeded 180 days, who also had a temporary residence permit (ITAS) and do not have the right to extend their permit, must apply for an onshore visa.

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