How to obtain a police Clearance Certificate in Indonesia?

If you are a resident of Indonesia, you may require a police clearance certificate issued by the authorities of this country.

A Police Clearance Certificate (also known as SKCK) is an official document confirming the absence of a criminal record during your stay in Indonesia. It is issued by the Indonesian National Police and is available to both local residents and foreigners who have held a KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit) at any point in time.

In what situations might you require a police clearance certificate?

  • When applying for long-term visas;

  • When moving to another country for permanent or temporary residence;

  • When marrying a foreign citizen;

  • When seeking employment in certain responsible positions.

  • When enrolling in a university;

  • When applying for credit in foreign banks, among other situations.

To obtain the certificate as a foreign citizen, you need to meet three conditions:

  1. Have a clean visa history, meaning no visa violations;

  2. Be registered at your local police station;

  3. Possess a KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit).

How to request a police clearance certificate?

Step 1: Prepare the necessary documents

  • A written request to the police, including personal information such as full name, date and place of birth, nationality, and address of registration in Indonesia.

  • A copy of the main page of your passport.

  • Copies of all passport pages with visas from the beginning of your stay in Indonesia until the present.

  • A 4×6 cm passport-sized photo.

  • A letter from an Indonesian sponsor.

  • An STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) document from the police confirming your residential address in Indonesia.

We assist our clients in preparing and translating all the required documents into Indonesian for submission to the police.

Step 2: Applicant must provide fingerprints

With all the documents in hand, you must visit the local police station to provide biometric data. Our agency accompanies clients during this procedure to ensure a smooth and fast process.

Step 3: Obtain the certificate

The Indonesian National Police will check their database for any criminal record in Indonesia. If no criminal record is found, you will be issued the Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK). Typically, the certificate is processed within two weeks.

The certificate is issued in both English and Indonesian and is valid for six months.

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