How to choose a visa agency in Indonesia?

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New visa agencies continually open each year, providing services for obtaining visas for Indonesia and assisting with acquiring other visas within the country itself.
Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy. Complaints about poor services or even fraudulent activities are increasingly surfacing in Balinese forums. In this article, we will discuss how to select a reliable visa agent, highlight key factors to consider, and provide recommendations on avoiding overpayments and dishonest services.

1. Seek an Agent Independently

Applying for an Indonesian visa online is convenient, yet it also creates favorable conditions for scammers. It’s essential to be cautious of unfamiliar agencies that reach out to you directly, offering quick visas at low prices. In most cases, such “agents” vanish after receiving payment. Therefore, we recommend conducting your own search for a visa partner: find and explore their website and social media, read client reviews, and ensure the company’s reputation and professionalism before proceeding.

2. Avoid Selecting an Agency Just Because of a Cheap Price

A price significantly lower than others may signal hidden additional costs. It’s a common strategy where a discount on one service is offset by higher prices for others. Therefore, before selecting an agency purely for a cheaper visa cost, delve into the renewal conditions and inquire about potential extra payments. Hidden expenses could escalate the final amount beyond competitors, rendering such an approach less advantageous than it initially seems. Rather than opting for the lowest-priced services, conducting additional research and comparing offerings from multiple agencies is advisable.

3. Beware of Bold Promises

If a company promises that you’ll definitely get a visa, especially for a complicated one like a U.S. visa, it’s better to look for another company. While getting an Indonesian visa might be straightforward, it’s impossible to guarantee a U.S. visa because the consulate makes the final decision after an interview. A company can only evaluate your chances, help you gather strong documents, and prepare you for the interview. Here, you can learn about what you need to get a U.S. visa.

The same goes for applying for a KITAS visa. If a company assures you they can give you an investor KITAS without registering a company or a work KITAS without actually working in Indonesia, those visas won’t be valid.

4. Check the Company's Reputation

Pay attention to how the agent is presented on their website and social media profiles. How active are they online? Seek information in specialized forums, read reviews on Google, and explore other sources. The internet knows everything, and dishonest agencies often cannot hide a bad online reputation. The more positive reviews, the better. But stay alert: some companies may pay for positive feedback. Usually, it’s noticeable when many reviews appear on the same day or they lack substantial information. If possible, talk to people who have already used the services of this company. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a reliable agency for visa services.

5. Evaluate the Office Environment

It’s crucial, particularly if you’re already on the island and considering working with an agent for visa extensions or other visa-related matters. Before handing over your important documents and finances to an agency, it’s highly advised to either visit their physical office or take a look at it online. A physical office presence usually signifies the company’s credibility. Reviews online and photos of the office can give you an impression of the environment. Tidy workspaces, well-maintained document organization, and approachable staff are good signs of a reliable service.

6. Assess the Professionalism of the Staff

When dealing with a visa agency, employees should offer you free consultations before starting any work. Take note of how the agency’s staff behaves. If they struggle to give clear answers, it might raise concerns about the agency’s reliability. Consider how well they grasp your requirements and their willingness to help. If the employees display politeness, competence, and professionalism while communicating with you, it could signify that the agency is dedicated to its work and could be a trustworthy partner for visa processing.

We strongly believe in maintaining effective and quality communication between our managers and clients. That’s why we’re easily reachable on messaging platforms and ensure prompt responses to any queries.

7. Review the Documents

Avoid making any payments before you’ve signed a contract, and thoroughly review all the documents provided. Before signing, double-check that the country mentioned in the documents matches your intended travel destination. Stay attentive and don’t hesitate to ask questions if anything makes you uncertain or seems unclear.

8. Work with a Single Sponsor

When you apply for a B211 visa to Indonesia, the agency organizes a special invitation letter involving an Indonesian sponsor, to whom you will be “attached.” It’s crucial that the same person acts as your sponsor when extending your visa, just as during the visa application. If the agent refuses your visa extension or if you opt to change companies, it could lead to additional expenses, or in the worst-case scenario, you might need to visit the immigration office and reapply for the visa.

Before starting any dealings with a visa company, analyze their services in the market, clarify any extra fees, ensure the agent’s reliability, and professionalism. Only after thoroughly examining all aspects should you decide to collaborate, not solely based on the lowest price. This approach will help you steer clear of potential issues and ensure a more enjoyable and secure journey

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