How to apply USA visa in Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the few countries where non-residents can apply for a US visa, and the approval rate is quite good.

So, if you live in Bali or plan to travel there, you can take advantage of the opportunity and apply for the coveted visa on Indonesian territory.

The process of applying USA visa in Indonesia consists of two stages: filling out the application and attending an interview. The interview can be conducted in Surabaya or Jakarta.

When applying, it is important to consider your status of stay in Indonesia. If you have been residing in the country for more than six months, a valid KITAS (residence permit) will be a strong basis. If you are in Indonesia on a tourist visa, your duration of stay should align with “tourist” purposes. Staying in Bali on a B211 visa for more than a year may raise suspicions with the officer.

When submitting documents, it is crucial to prove that you have no intention of immigrating to the US. Therefore, the more connections you have with your permanent or temporary place of residence, the higher your chances.

Factors of applying USA visa in Indonesia

The chances increase if the applicant has:

  • Permanent (legal) high-paying employment
  • Real estate
  • Spouse or children
  • Past US visas or visas from the UK, Australia, Canada, or Schengen countries
  • A specific purpose for the trip related to your work or interests (e.g., attending an exhibition)

Reasons for deny of applying USA visa in Indonesia

  • Lengthy stay in Indonesia on tourist visas
  • Concealing the presence of relatives living in the US
  • Inconsistencies in your answers compared to the information provided in the application
  • Lack of other visas
  • Limited travel history (e.g., having only been to Turkey and Bali)
  • Being under 25 years old and unmarried
  • Violations of visa regulations in other countries
  • Uncertain or confusing responses during the interview

Apply USA visa in Indonesia is considered one of the most challenging to obtain; however, it is granted for a period of three years. During the interview, your task is to convince the consul that you do not intend to immigrate. The best way to achieve this is by providing a strong set of documents. We know exactly which documents will satisfy the consul in each particular case.

What is required to apply for a US visa?

  1. Fill out the DS-160 application form. You can do this here:

IMPORTANT! The consul’s impression of you is formed based on the DS-160 form. It is necessary to correctly and accurately fill out the application in English. Prepare all the required documents in advance, such as passport, diplomas, work certificates, bank statements, electronic photographs, etc.

  1. Pay the consular fee of $185.
  2. Book an appointment for interview on the website:

There, you will indicate where you want to have the interview: Surabaya or Jakarta.

  1. On the appointed date, travel to the city where you scheduled the interview.
  2. Once you have completed the interview successfully, your passport with the US visa will be issued within 2-5 working days.

Would you like to delegate the visa application process to specialists? We would be happy to handle all the stages for you:

  • Fill out the application based on the questionnaire
  • Assist in preparing a set of documents that will increase your chances of obtaining the visa
  • Schedule the interview for you
  • Help you prepare for the interview

The cost of our services is 3,600,000 IDR (~ $245). The visa fee of $185 is paid separately.

Contact us, and we will assess your chances of applying USA visa in Indonesia, inform you about the required documents, and initiate the application process.

Good luck to everyone!

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