B211 visa extension


Below we will step by step answer frequently asked questions about this procedure.

When to start the process

You need to start the process 14 working days before the end of your current visa. At least 6 working days before your visa expire, we must have your passport.

What documents are needed

All extensions require your passport with an entry stamp (or previous extension).

What you need to start the process

Please upload a photo of the sticker in your passport/or ITK (full spread on two pages with this sticker, without fingers, glare, not cropped), which was put at the entrance, in your personal account in the ENTRY STAMP column (the link to the office is in your mail, came in the letter after filling out the visa application form). It’s very important!


  • Rs. 2,600,000 – if you contact us at least 6 working days before your visa expires.
  • Rs. 3,100,000 – if you apply for an extension in less than 6 working days.
  • Rs. 3,100,000 – for countries China, Afghanistan, Israel, Cameroon, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Siria, Pakistan, Libya
  • Rs. 4,600,000 – if your passport is valid for 6 months or less

How to pay

We will accept payment online, or you can pay cash to our courier or at the office.

How to give us your passport

Our courier will come to pick up your passport at your location at a time agreed upon in advance. Or you can come to our office on your own.

Our office: No, Jl. Sunset Road No.900, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9:30 to 17:00

How much does it cost for a courier to collect and deliver a passport?

It’s all free! (except remote areas) But please note that if you were not at the appointed place at the time you chose, a second visit of the courier is charged and costs 100.000 idr.

How long will the passport be in our possession

On average, the first renewal, you give your passport for 3 weeks, the second renewal takes about 2 weeks.

If I want to get an extension faster

Fast extension is available. When expediting, we will be guided by your deadlines. While the normal process can take about three weeks, the expedited process will take 3 to 7 business days. It will all depend on what stage of the renewal you applied for fast track.


Biometrics is only required for the first visa renewal. The second visa extension will be without your visit to the office.

Usually the invitation for biometrics comes the day before your visa expires. Sometimes it may come later, but that’s okay. We will send an invitation in advance to one of the two Immigration offices:

Address of Ngurah Rai Immigration Office
Address of Denpasar Immigration Office

You can choose an Immigration Office that is convenient for you when you hand over your passport to us, just email us to let us know. It will not be possible to change the Immigration office if we file.

The invitation for biometrics will have detailed instructions on how to complete it.

How to get a passport

You can leave your passport in our office if you want to process your next renewals as well. Or our courier will deliver your passport to you at the right place and time (except remote areas).

Cancellation of renewal

If you wish to cancel your extension, we do not refund payment if the documents have already been submitted to Immigration.

How to track renewal through your personal cabinet

You can always check what stage your renewal is at through your personal cabinet (the link is in your mail, if you can’t find it we will send it to you).

Each stage is assigned a different status.

New – extension created, pending preparation of documents
Docs preparing – documents are prepared for submission to the Immigration Office
Docs ready – documents are ready
In immigration – passport renewal at the immigration office
Returned – your passport has been returned to our office, renewal is complete
Done – the extension is over
Failed – extension canceled