KITAS Student Visa

If you plan to study in Indonesia, you will need to apply for a student visa. This visa is issued for one year with a mandatory annual extension during the training period.

Attention! You can only get a student visa after you have been officially enrolled in an educational institution or have been accepted into an educational program in Indonesia.

To get it, you must have a copy of the Director’s identity card, and a copy of the license of the educational institution where you will study.

How do I get a KITAS Student Visa?

Our company Legal Indonesia is ready to help you get your student visa and take care of all the paperwork.

Applying for a student visa comprises 3 main stages:

  • Registration of necessary documents + receiving TELEX
  • Getting a visa at the Embassy
  • Registration of a visa and multiple entry/exit permit (required)
Registration of necessary documents + receiving TELEX

We prepare all the documents and issue a TELEX (a document required for obtaining a student visa at the Embassy) for you. The process takes approximately 20 business days. When TELEX is ready, we will send it to you by email.

List of documents from the applicant:

  • copy of the main page of your passport, it must be valid for at least 18 months;
  • copies of the main pages of the student’s parent/sponsor’s passport;
  • a document from an educational institution confirming the student’s enrollment in an educational institution in Indonesia;
  • certificate or diploma from the previous place of study;
  • a letter confirming the student will not be working in Indonesia for the duration of their studies (written by the student or their sponsor with the signatures of both);
  • a letter from the student’s parents or sponsor stating their full financial responsibility for the entire period of study (with signatures);
  • a photo on a red background in digital form.

Documents from the educational institution:

  • KTP (valid ID card) of the Director;
  • KTP (valid ID card) of personnel;
  • NPWP school tax registration number;
    license from the Indonesian Ministry of Education;
    a copy of the report to the employment Department (Disnaker);
  • Akta Notaris;
  • act of legalizing a land plot;
  • the blank form of the educational institution (10 PCs);
  • seal of the educational institution with the name and signature of the Director;
  • agreement between an educational institution in Indonesia and an educational institution in another country (if any);

Attention! All translations must be notarized (you can use the notary service in our company).

Obtaining a student visa at the Embassy

To obtain a student visa at the Embassy of Indonesia, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Passport valid for at least 18 months by the time of entry to Indonesia;
  2. Copy of the main page of your passport;
  3. A copy of the page with the stamp of entry to the country where you get a visa;
  4. Application form (to be filled in on the spot);
  5. 2 color photos on a light background.
  6. TELEX
  7. Ticket to Indonesia;
  8. Visa fee of USD 150, It is paid in the country’s currency where the Embassy of Indonesia is located.
Student visa registration

After you have received your visa at the Embassy and entered the territory of Indonesia, you need to contact us within 7 days and provide your passport and 1 photo on a red background in digital form to register your visa and issue a multiple-entry permit for departure.

How much does a KITAS Student Visa cost?

Registration of documents + exit permit IDR 8.000.000 ~ 570 USD