Onshore Visa 211

Onshore Visa 211 is ideal for those who want to stay in Indonesia for a long period without earning money in the country.

Such a visa is now issued for foreigners (citizens of any country) who are already staying in Indonesia. This is due to the difficulties of leaving for neighboring countries of Indonesia because of the quarantines in these countries during the pandemic.

Onshore Visa 211 is issued for 60 days with the possibility of 2-fold extension for 60 days. In total, the maximum period of stay in the country with this visa is 180 days (approximately 6 months).

Attention! Onshore Visa 211 is a single entry visa. If you leave Indonesia, your visa will be canceled.

The cost of the visa:

Rate «Regular» – 2 900 000 idr (the process takes 10 working days, beginning from the next working day after payment);

Rate «Premium» – 5 200 000 idr (the process takes 3 working days, beginning from the next working day after the payment).

A photo of the passport must be provided for visa processing (passport should be valid for more than 6 months).

*Price includes:*
1. Providing sponsorship from our company
2. Visa fee 50 USD
3. eVisa

You will be required to provide:

  • passport valid for 6 months;
  • payment.

Onshore Visa 211 Extension

With Legal Indonesia, you can enjoy your stay in Indonesia without worrying about immigration formalities. You just need to bring your passport to our office 10 working days before your visa expires.

At the first visa extension, you will need to come to the immigration office to provide your biometrical data: fingerprints, signature sample and a photo. It will take about half an hour. The next renewals will take place without your participation.

You can leave your passport at our office and we will renew your visa by ourselves. Or you can bring your passport for renewal to our office or send it by courier.

Our courier will pick up and deliver your passport free of charge at a time and place convenient for you in the regions of Kuta, Changu, Bukit, Ubud.


2 600 000 idr – if you contact us at least 10 working days before your visa expires.

3 100 000 – 4 800 000 idr – for China, Afghanistan, Israel, Cameroon, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Siria, Pakistan, Libya

You return your passport to our office before your visa expires (in person or by courier).

Step 1. We apply for an extension of your visa at the Immigration Office;

Step 2. You come to the immigration office to get your fingerprints. We will inform you in advance when and at what time to arrive (one day before the scheduled date); you need to visit the immigration office only on the first extension.

Step 3. Your passport is ready – we will send you a notification. You pick it up at the office or our courier will deliver it to you. If you have additional extensions for this visa, your passport can remain with us.