Indonesia opens e-visas for 8 more countries

Since November 23 Indonesian government has launched an electronic visa system for citizens of countries who previously needed to obtain a Calling Visa. Thus, the process of obtaining a visa to Indonesia has been simplified for guests from 8 countries.

Visas are issued to travelers planning visits for family reunification, business, investment, and work.

Electronic visa applications are submitted through the Immigration website And foreign workers can upload application documents through the website of the Ministry of Human Resources..

Among the countries whose citizens from November 23 will be able to obtain an electronic visa are:
1. Afghanistan
2. Guinea
3. Israel
4. North Korea
5. Cameroon
6. Liberia
7. Nigeria
8. Somalia

These 8 countries, “Calling Visa countries”, are classified as having a certain level of vulnerability in terms of ideological, political, economic, social, cultural, state aspects of defense and security, as well as aspects of immigration. That is why special rules apply to them in the Indonesian immigration system.

Visa applications for citizens of these countries are reviewed by a group of experts consisting of representatives:
а. The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights;
b. The Ministry of Internal Affairs;
c. Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
d. Ministry of Manpower
е. Indonesian National Police;
f. Attorney General’s Office;
g. State Intelligence Agency;
h. Indonesian National Army Strategic Intelligence Agency;
i. National Narcotics Agency.

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