March 2, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesian Visa

– Is the application for Offshore Visa (312, 317, etc) open?
– Currently, the Offshore Visa service is not yet open.

– Do the services for the Onshore Visa application remain open?
– Onshore Visa services for foreign nationals residing in Indonesia are still open.

– If I have a valid eVisa, can I fly to Indonesia? Is an additional letter of recommendation from immigration required?
– If you already have a valid eVisa, then you can enter Indonesia. Don’t forget to bring a negative for the COVID-19 test.

– How can I apply for a visa for humanitarian reasons?
– Please contact the RI representative office or write a letter via humas@imigration.go.id by attaching supporting data and normative requirements.

– Are UK citizens who already have an eVisa allowed to enter?
– All foreign citizens who already have still valid eVisa will be allowed to enter as long as they follow the health protocol rules determined by the COVID-19 handling task force.

– Can you apply for a visa for marriage or not?
– You cannot apply for a visa for marriage reasons.

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