Days-off Due to Isra Mi’raj and Ngembak Geni

In connection with the upcoming holidays, the Denpasar Immigration Office announced that it will not work on March 11 on the occasion of Isra Mi’raj and on March 15 on the occasion of Ngembak Geni.

The Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has so far only announced the non-working day of March 11.

Isra Mi’raj – The ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is a major holiday celebrated by all Muslims in Indonesia. Since the date is calculated according to the Islamic lunar calendar, this day can be celebrated on different days of the Gregorian calendar.

Isra Mi’raj is an official day off throughout the country.

This holiday is celebrated modestly. Indonesian Muslims discuss the story of the ascension with their family members, accompanied by sweets and light meals.

A common practice on this day is attending prayer services in local mosques.

Isra Miraj celebrates the prophet Muhammad’s night ascent to heaven after meeting the angel Jabrail while praying in a mountain cave near Mecca.

Ngembak Geni is a Hindu holiday celebrated the day after Nyepi. Friends and relatives get together to ask each other for forgiveness.

Ngembak Geni is celebrated in Bali and Balinese Hindu communities outside Bali.

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